Janet – Years of neck pain!

Mar 23, 2018

As a dentist, I have suffered from a sore back, neck and shoulder for years. I accepted this as an occupational hazard- every day is spent leaning over patients and trying to see into deep dark recesses! A few years ago this became unbearable- constant chronic pain was affecting other aspects of my life. I found myself short of patience with those close to me- my three small children especially were bearing the brunt of it.

I never attended the doctor as I knew what was causing the problem, I just didn’t know how to fix it! I contacted Causeway Physio and started on a course of physio with Hazel. Hazel worked along the bones and muscles of my back, mobilising areas that had become immobile and stiff after years of poor posture. She used pressure from both her hands and her feet to do this – having explained fully about using feet and obtaining my consent. She also sent me home with a list of exercises, this was invaluable at maintaining mobility. I cannot recommend Hazel highly enough, she is so good at her job.

Since finishing the course of physio my back pain is greatly improved- and now I know how to avoid it becoming severe if/when it starts. I also attend a pilates class once a week which helps support mobility- I couldn’t have imagined being able to do this before my treatment at Causeway Physio.

Janet Markey

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