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Relieve Hip & Knee Pain And Enjoy Your Walk, Jog Or Run! If You Are In Your 40’s, 50’s Or 60’s And Have Hip Or Knee Pain We Can Help You Get Back To Your Hobbies Or Sports Without Painful Injections Or Surgery.

Our hips and knees take a LOT of abuse. Often we don’t do anything to look after our poor joints eventually leading to stiffness and pain. PHYSIO is the maintenance your hips and knees have been crying out for! Our expert physios can help relieve your hip and knee pain and then it’s all about rehabilitation. Strengthen your hips and knees to cope with your day to day life. No more painkillers, injections or surgery.

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Early advice and treatment is the most effective way to speed your recovery. If you need help fast then call now on 028 703 59592 or use our Online Booking to secure your appointment anytime!

If you aren’t sure if physio is right for you then why not request a Free 10min Telephone Consultation or Taster Physio session to discuss your problem with one of our physios.

Common Issues With Hip & Knee Pain:

  • logo-on-scroll Your GP may have prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Often these provide short term ease. Painkillers only mask the problem so if your pain keeps coming back then you need a different approach.
  • logo-on-scrollYou tried to rest for a while but when you start moving again your pain returned. Rest hasn’t resolved the issue – you need a graded active recovery plan, we can help you.
  • logo-on-scrollYou’ve tried physio in the past and it didn’t work. Our physios use a different approach, we’ll give you a different plan to what you have already tried. Our focus is on quality “hands on” treatment for pain relief first then engaging in an active recovery with less pain.
  • logo-on-scrollYou’re over 50 and you have hip or knee joint pain – this does NOT mean you need a joint replacement or injection! You need the right treatment and the right rehabilitation plan to ease your achey joints!
  • logo-on-scrollIt’s common for people to struggle with hip & knee pain for 6-12 months or more before coming to our clinic and experiencing relief of pain. Please don’t wait that long! Why not consider one of our Free Taster Sessions to discuss your knee pain with our physios.
  • logo-on-scrollChoose a physio that will give you Quality ‘Hands On’ treatment to relieve your pain, soothe aching muscles and loosen stiff joints. We love this part of the job – it can make a real difference FAST.
  • logo-on-scrollDo the RIGHT exercises – just stretching your sore bit isn’t the solution – you need to find what the right exercises are for long lasting relief. Stretching can often aggravate pain!
  • logo-on-scrollOur physio team will answer any queries concerns you have in-between treatments – you can email or request a call back. You’ll not go through this alone!

What’s In The Guide?

  • logo-on-scroll The big issue at the hip & knee. We explain the Most common cause of pain at the front of the knee. Find out if this is applies to you!
  • logo-on-scrollPhysio vs Surgery? Do you need to go under the knife? See the British Medical Journal’s recent guidelines stating who needs knee surgery and who needs physio. THIS IS A MUST READ
  • logo-on-scroll3 Great exercises to relieve stiffness through the hip and knee
  • logo-on-scrollEase your Hip & Knee pain with Self Release Techniques
  • logo-on-scrollPLUS we answer the 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions people ask about Physio. If you’re not sure what physio is about then this is a must read!

Common Hip & Knee Problems

The simple things in life are the most important. Hip and knee pain can remove the joy of walking outdoors, cycling with friends, strolling the beach and even just getting up the stairs or out of a chair! We want to bring back the joy in your everyday.

Our experts diagnose the source of the problem and provide a plan to achieve long lasting results. Here are a few common problems we see:


Knee Osteoarthritis & Cartilage tears

A deep aching pain through your knee joint, sharp pain turning on the knee, painful cracking on the line of the joint. Pain and swelling often causes you to protect the knee and so the joint becomes stiffer, weaker AND sorer with time. The longer this goes on the sorer and more restricted you become. Solution: Break the cycle, get some effective pain relieving treatment and a graduated rehabilitation programme 100% TAILORED to your needs and your condition. See our fantastic “Physio vs Surgery” section in our Relieve Hip & Knee Pain Guide Increase your mobility, reduce your day to day pain and start taking control of your joint pain. Speak with a physio for a FREE 10 min Telephone Consultation to discuss your pain with our experts.

Pain at the front of the knee

Kneecap pain (chondromalacia patella), patellar tendinopathy, bursitis are all common sources of pain at the front of the knee. All of these conditions often have common underlying sources that can lead to pain in that at the front of the knee. The position of your foot, ankle, hip and knee all play a part in this (don’t worry it can all be easily sorted with the right guidance). Check out our Relieve Hip & Knee Pain Guide to find out the key to sorting one of the most common causes of pain at the front of the knee.

Hip Osteoarthritis

If you have been diagnosed with Hip or Knee arthritis – don’t panic, there are a lot of ways you can effectively reduce your pain and increase your ability to walk, climb stairs and enjoy your hobbies and prolong the health of your joints. The biggest mistake you can make is just ignoring it – understand it and learn the tools to manage and improve your pain. Our experienced physios are treating people like you, with hip osteoarthritis week in, week out. If you would like to discuss how physio can help you take control of your condition then request a Free Taster Session with one of our experts or get your recovery started faster by Booking Now.

Hip & Buttock pain

You’re over 40 and you have an ACTUAL pain in the bum! You’re not alone! This is VERY common and often not at all related to any sort of arthritic condition. Pain in the hip and buttock is often related to an issue with the muscles or ligaments through the hip OR it can be coming from strain through the back or pelvis (often a bit of both). We LOVE this type of pain as it can be fully relieved very quickly. Expect a complete recovery with some expert treatment to relieve pain combined with effective rehabilitation to prevent the issue coming back. Just stretching may help in the short term but is destined to fail – check out our Relieve Hip and Knee Pain Guide for a few of our physio’s favourite exercises to help relieve stiffness in your sore bottom muscles – start today!

Free Physio Taster

Discover if Physio is right for you. This session is perfect for those who really aren’t sure if Physio is the right thing for them or if WE are the right Physio to help them. 20 Minutes FREE face to face time with our physios. Limited availability and offered on first come first served basis.*

*No treatment is given during Free Physio Tasters. This session is not the same as paid initial assessment but a chance to meet our expert team and find out if we can help you, how we can help you and you can discuss any queries you may have.

Free Pilates Taster

New to Pilates? Come along and meet our Body Control Pilates & APPI trained instructors. Enjoy a taster session to discover what Level of Pilates is appropriate for you (we tailor our classes to different abilities). Start your Pilates journey and enjoy the challenge of learning body control, breathing techniques, strengthening and toning exercises that can help with lifelong change in how you feel!

You Can Feel Better Too!

Victor Bow

Portrush – Golfer’s Neck and Shoulder

My shoulder became so sore I couldn’t wash the car and struggled to play golf. My GP was only able to offer tablets. My first session of dry needling provided significant relief of my shoulder pain and I was able to sleep better as a result. I did my exercises and now I’m back doing all things I would like to without pain AND I’m getting a great nights sleep too!

Laverne Tweed

Coleraine – Years of Back Pain

I suffered back pain for years and was regularly having to take painkillers prescribed by my GP. I’ve used lots of different physios in the past but this time at Causeway Physio & Pilates you helped ease my pain & taught me how to self manage. This time I feel like I’m in control.

Rosaleen McConaghy

Coleraine – Back pain & Sciatica

I was in severe pain with my legs, back and shoulders for 7 months. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the doctors. After going to Causeway Physio & Pilates I felt elevated. I feel so positive, I’m more active, I’m not afraid to move anymore and I’m sleeping a lot better, so it’s perfect!

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What Our Customers Say


five-stars-icon-vector-illustration-five-stars-icon-142634727 (1)

"I have found that my left shoulder pain has reduced, I have better balance and better posture in everyday life. I found by starting at the basics I can understand and have been more aware of what I am actually meant to be doing. I will and have recommended Causeway Pilates to others."

10/10 rating from Nikki Crowe

five-stars-icon-vector-illustration-five-stars-icon-142634727 (1)

"I find this class very good. I was in a previous Pilates class where I didn’t know if I was doing movement properly and the teacher didn’t get round to check on everyone. There is a Friendly atmosphere and I can ask Joanne questions without feeling foolish! I will and have recommended Causeway Pilates to others."

10/10 rating from Arvril Whiskers

five-stars-icon-vector-illustration-five-stars-icon-142634727 (1)

"I started Pilates to lose weight, tone and relax. I have really enjoyed Pilates as it is relaxing. Jo is a great instructor, friendly and good fun. I have noticed a difference as I feel more toned and not as stressed. Thank you Jo, I will be signing up for the next set of sessions."

10/10 rating from Jaice Cassidy

five-stars-icon-vector-illustration-five-stars-icon-142634727 (1)

"Having been to a large group exercise classes before, I was a bit nervous at maybe getting ‘lost’ is the group and then left to figure the moves for myself. But Jo’s classes are perfect, they are just the right size and Jo is able to still give individual attention when needed so that we don’t go wrong. I love this class. Even after just a few weeks I can feel a difference in my body, and my posture has improved too."

10/10 rating from Diane Rogers

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"What can I say?…. Causeway Pilates is simply fabulous!!!
I have been through a considerable amount of stress & anxiety this year, and someone suggested Pilates as a way to do some endorphin-boosting exercise which didn’t involve throwing myself around a gym (which I felt way too delicate to face!). Jo has been so kind & encouraging, whilst also helping us to each find our individual levels of challenge & to push ourselves further each session."

10/10 rating from Emma Stewart

five-stars-icon-vector-illustration-five-stars-icon-142634727 (1)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates with Jo. She is such a knowledgeable, patient and fun teacher. I suffer from weakness in my neck and shoulder…this is exactly the right exercise for me to strengthen and balance my body. I can’t thank Jo enough!! Really enjoyed the atmosphere too…lovely people in every class. 10 stars!!"

10/10 rating from Tara Hoy

five-stars-icon-vector-illustration-five-stars-icon-142634727 (1)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates with Jo. She is such a knowledgeable, patient and fun teacher. I suffer from weakness in my neck and shoulder…this is exactly the right exercise for me to strengthen and balance my body. I can’t thank Jo enough!! Really enjoyed the atmosphere too…lovely people in every class. 10 stars!!"

10/10 rating from Annebell

five-stars-icon-vector-illustration-five-stars-icon-142634727 (1)

"I would highly recommend Causeway Pilates, it was my first time trying Pilates and even though I maybe wasn’t doing the things the way Jo was, she is encouraging and I didn’t feel embarrassed one little bit!"

10/10 rating from Julie Leighton