Vonla – Hairdressing without Sciatica!

Mar 23, 2018

As a full time hairdresser/beauty therapist I was constantly on my feet and I always felt I was getting into awkward postures and positions for long periods. This lead to strain and discomfort on my lower back which then became crippling.

I had symptoms such as lower back pain, sharp pain in my lower back when I tried to straighten as well as pain down my leg and pin’s & needles. This left me feeling awful, I couldn’t see myself getting better. I couldn’t sleep as no matter how I went to lie down, the sharp pain was always there. I needed the help of crutches to get around. I went to my GP where I was prescribed tablets to help with the pain and sleep. Then the GP informed me I wasn’t allowed to work and I ended up off work for 2 months. This wasn’t easy for me as I’am a person who likes to be busy and always on the go.

So then I got introduced to Colin and his team at Causeway Physio through a family friend and straight away I felt at ease. On my first visit which was an ordeal getting out of the car I received a consultation. Colin assessed me with care and explained to me that there would be no quick fix for this problem and put a plan together for me that would suit me best.

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This included dry needling – which helped relax my muscles, hands on physio, rehabilitation exercise which I still do – this helps stretch my muscles and pilates – which help to strengthen my back. This was all carried out under one roof which was great as Jo had been informed so what my problems was before the class.

As I started my course of physio it was hard but Colin reassured me that it would get better and 2-3 weeks into physio I could see a change. I went off all medication from my GP and throughout my time Colin always reassessed me to ensure I was getting the correct treatment for my back problem.

Colin’s hard work and dedication has helped me immensely to how I feel today. My posture is better and my lower back pain is no longer there. I would like to thank Causeway Physio for their help, professionalism and friendly staff, I genuinely felt like they wanted to help me…and they did just that!!

Vonla Matthews
V8’s Snip and Dip – Garvagh

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