Stretch & Strengthen

PHYSIO LED – Beginner Exercise Class

S&S Class is our PHYSIO-LED class designed to get you moving safely and gently build strength and improve your flexibility!

Who is this class for?

Beginner exercisers or those returning to a healthier lifestyle after a period out. If you’re over 50 and feel you need a safe way to get healthy and move safely then this PHYSIO-LED class can help you.

What will I get out of this?

Firstly we hope you enjoy the class! Coming together as a group to exercise is great for the head as well as the body. Starting with a warm welcome you’ll then be guided by one of our lovely physios through ex’s to help build:

  • Stronger arms for lifting
  • Better balance to reduce trips and falls
  • Stronger legs for walking and jogging
  • Improve spinal flexibility to touch the toes again!
  • Posture correction to undo those hours at the desk
  • Confidence to move and lift gradually heavier loads


Call us and try your first class as a Pay As You Go (PAYG) class.  If you love it and want to come back then join the remainder of our 6 week blocks.