Back Pain & Sciatica

Back Pain Relief

Let’s get you feeling better! Treating back pain is our bread and butter. Our Chartered Physios can give immediate pain relief through ‘hands on’ spinal treatments, muscle release techniques, therapeutic exercise or dry needling. Get relief and reassurance and clarity on how to get better

Re-occurring Back Pain

Ok, your back has gone again. This time its worse, it’s happening more frequently and now your confidence is starting to go. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Helping people with re-occurring back pain is what we do best!

Our physiotherapists will listen to your story, find out how your pain limits you then perform our full spinal movement assessment. We’ll give you a clear and simple explanation about the source of your pain and why it keeps returning. You and your physio will agree a treatment plan and progressive rehab plan tailored 100% to your needs.

What To Expect

Our family run business exists to help people in the North Coast feel better and get back doing what they love. Expect a warm welcome from our admin team and a friendly, caring and professional group of physiotherapists .

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Pilates For Back Pain

Doctors, spinal consultants and top class athletes all recommend pilates in order to maintain a healthy spine. If you want to help your back issue with Pilates then our 1-1 sessions are the way forward. Book a 1-1 Pilates session here.

Patient Videos

Laverne Tweed

Coleraine – Years of Back Pain

I suffered back pain for years and was regularly having to take painkillers prescribed by my GP. I’ve used lots of different physios in the past but this time at Causeway Physio & Pilates you helped ease my pain & taught me how to self manage. This time I feel like I’m in control.

Rosaleen McConaghy

Coleraine – Back pain & Sciatica

I was in severe pain with my legs, back and shoulders for 7 months. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the doctors. After going to Causeway Physio & Pilates I felt elevated. I feel so positive, I’m more active, I’m not afraid to move anymore and I’m sleeping a lot better, so it’s perfect!

Claudia Pohl

Portstewart – Scoliosis

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 13 but after having my daughter my upper back was persistently painful. I found that treatment really helped with pain, it felt so easy and much stronger afterwards. Pilates has been very helpful for my upper back posture too!

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