Post Op Rehab

Achieving Great Results!

Post-op rehab is all about achieving the very best results following any surgical operation. Whether you’ve had a hip replacement or keyhole surgery to the shoulder, you’ll need to ensure a rehab plan is followed to get you back to full health. 

Why Choose Us?

We care about getting you back to the very best condition possible. We’ve seen countless clients with your particular surgery and we know exactly what you need to do to get better quickly.  Our team are caring, professional and genuinely motivated to help you feel strong and confident in your body. Check out what our clients say on our google reviews.

Surgeries We Treat


Knee Replacement


Fracture Surgery 

Knee Arthroscopy
Shoulder Keyhole Repairs
Hip Replacement
Spinal Surgery – fixation, disc replacement
Foot and Ankle surgery

Call the clinic to speak to a physio about your surgery and if we can help post op

Why Do I Need Post Op Rehab?

You’ve waited for surgery for months (sometimes years), this leads to stiffness in weakness in the muscles and tendons while you wait for the surgical fix. Following surgery the focal injury is repaired however the surrounding muscles, joints and tendons will be stiff, restricted and likely quite weak due to scar tissue and inflammation. Our Chartered Physio’s will give you the very best advice targeted and tailored to your needs to ensure you get the very best recovery.

Pre-Op Surgery

Come and see our physios as soon as you have your surgical date planned. You can start your pre-op exercises (which will be similar to your initial post op exercises). This means you’ll hit the ground running and get your post op recovery off to a flying start.  

Booking Post Op Rehab

Book within 1 week post surgery – our physios will ensure you are doing the basics well and you know exactly what you need to do over this critical early periods. 

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