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"In February this year I was in the middle of a clear out in my garage. I was in the process of moving a heavy garden table and as a result I took a sharp pain in my left shoulder. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was ‘too many birthday’s’. I soldiered on hoping that the pain would gradually subdue but to no avail. As a result of the pain I had difficulty in sleeping, driving and lifting heavy objects. I eventually made an appointment with my GP and he made the neccessary arrangement for an x-ray. The result was damage to tissues in my shoulder. My GP advised me to consult with a professional physiotherapist.
I contacted Causeway Physio and Pilates and saw Laura Watters, who was a friendly and sympathetic physiotherapist and I commenced a 10 week course. I was determined to approach my treatment in a positive manner.
The hands on physio and exercise programme certainly helped to reduce the pain considerably and I am getting back to a normal active life.
At this point I should say that the efficiency of the practice administrators, namely Debi Brown and Emily Brown was second to none and I would have no problem in recommending this practice to a relative or friend."

"I fell backwards onto my shoulder and it was very painful. I had difficulty moving my shoulder and doing normal day to day activities. I was of the opinion that ‘it would be better in the morning’ so was in no rush to seek professional help. Painkillers made no difference to the level of pain. My son recommended Causeway Physio. I found the physios to be very helpful and genuinely wanting to help my day to day difficulties. I received ‘hands on’ physio which helped and was shown rehabilitation exercises, carefully explained and demonstrated, together with a follow up e-mail to remind me of what had been done. The exercises were built up over time and progressed in difficulty as I improved. Advice was given of how to minimize the return of extreme pain and make my shoulder as strong as possible as I age.
I wish that I had gone sooner to Causeway Physio. I feel so much better with a return to my former mobility. I would recommend going if you have an injury. Still doing my exercises. Very very important!"

"Victor Bow – Neck Pain and Rotator Cuff Trouble
I’m retired a couple years from owning a Bed & Breakfast in Portrush. In and around that time I was getting a pain around my right shoulder.
It started off with pain around the shoulder then the pain spread down the arm towards the elbow, around the back of my neck. I felt a severe tightening just all round and my movement became more and more inhibited. It got more intense as time went on, it got to the stage where I was having difficulty putting on my shirt in the morning – simple things like washing the car became painful.
I went to my GP and they prescribed anti-inflammatories and painkillers. I’m not a great lover of taking tablet so I didn’t bother! I made a few enquiries and found out about Causeway Physio & Pilates. I made an appointment and I came in and the physio’s looked after me. They gave me exercises to do and I did them at home. I had dry needling which I found to be fantastic, I felt immediate pain relief with it and I actually liked it believe it or not! That was back in December 2017 and thank goodness I’ve been pain free since.
I can now wash my car without any pain, sleep at night without any pain and the other thing I would say when I was with my doctor I was advised to stop playing golf, which I didn’t listen to and thank goodness I can now play golf without any pain.
As far as I’m concerned Causeway Physio & Pilates helped me out 100%"

"Before coming to Causeway Physio & Pilates I would suffer with frequent headaches and occasional migraines. When I had a particularly bad headache painkillers really didn’t make any difference – and these headaches could last for a couple of days. With the migraines my vision was affected and I didn’t feel safe to drive or work.
I initially came into Causeway Physio & Pilates having hurt my lower back, but during our conversations I mentioned my migraines (which I didn’t think Physio could do anything for) and Colin suggested we have a look at my neck to see if there were any problems there.
Colin spotted the issues straight away, and my headache problem lessened noticeably even after just one treatment. My course of physio has really helped me in so many ways. As well as hands-on treatment, physio has provided me with a new awareness of the importance of posture and exercise in the care of my neck and back. It has virtually resolved the frequent headaches I was experiencing, and now I very rarely have a migraine.
I was concerned that because of the general everyday stresses of life and work that my neck tension and lower back problems would return. However, I have found Pilates at Causeway Physio to be great for both strengthening and stretching out my back, neck and shoulders – and a class always makes me feel relaxed and ready for a great nights sleep! This has really helped me manage my neck and back, and it really helps keeps the tension at bay.
Thanks Causeway Physio & Pilates!
Allison Wallace – Coleraine"

I am a 59 year old care worker from Articlave. I have gone through physio with Laura after having had back pain and sciatica for 6 weeks and regular pain meds. Before my sciatica started I had a 20 year history of ongoing back pain.
I always said I suffered from nurse’s sore back, I honestly feel this is how I thought of my back ache. This had a profound effect on how I went about my daily activities, I dreaded going work as I knew my back would be sore at end of the shift. My back affected everything, looking after my 2 active grandsons, I would talk myself easily out of walking the dogs or going to the parks, beaches because of my pain. On reflexion I thought of myself as old and not able to do much because of my back pain.
However after a few months on with Laura’s help and positive outlook I walk twice daily, exercise regularly and am now feeling the benefits of a stronger back, improved balance and I can touch my toes after exercises – something I never dreamt of doing before! I have been having rehabilitation exercises, dry needling and attending an over 50’s Back Care Class all at Causeway Physio & Pilates.
I cannot sing the praises off Causeway Physio & Pilates enough. I am off pain meds and returning to work shortly with a fitter, healthier back and a changed frame of mind.
Many thanks to Laura and all the team.
Liz Smith

I was struggling with neck and shoulder pain that just seemed to slowly deteriorate over a few months. I eventually had to stop playing tennis and was struggling with golf. Even brushing my hair became painful. I was starting to resign myself to the fact that this may be something I was just going to have to live with.
I was trying to stretch my shoulder to help it but that wasn’t getting anywhere. Having been to Causeway Physio & Pilates for a different issue I booked in again for my shoulder. I felt the approach with my shoulder was so positive. I was really protecting my shoulder and didn’t know what to do with it. Colin re-assured me that after a while my shoulders would be stronger than ever – and he was right!
The exercises I was taught gave me the confidence to move and now my shoulders are stronger than they’ve been in a very long time! I’m 3 months on and now free of neck and shoulder pain and playing better tennis and golf than ever.
I’m Delighted with my progress!
Heather Burns

I am a teacher in Ballymena and like to be fairly active outside of work. Due to the nature of my work I spend most of the day on my feet. Years ago I tried running several times and always experienced painful knees afterwards, sometimes with some popping noises. I started going to the gym in school and one day following a gym session I had really intense pain in my right knee when coming down stairs (of which there are a lot in school). After several weeks of pain and taking regular painkillers I went to my GP and was sent for an X-ray and MRI scan which showed wear and inflammation under my kneecap. I didn’t know what I could do about this and was starting to limp more.
The pain continued and I stopped going to the gym or walking as a form of exercise which had a negative impact on my general wellbeing. Sometimes when I placed my foot down I experienced a sharp pain and a buckling sensation in my knee although thankfully I never fell.
I decided to be proactive and booked in to Causeway Physio who I heard about from a friend. I had six sessions over a period of 3 months with Colin and he was super. He took time to understand the specifics of my condition and gave me great advice on what to do as well as what not to do. As well as some treatments to release tight hip and knee muscles he gave me exercises to get my hip, knee and ankle all working well together! This took practice but has definitely helped. He was genuinely interested in helping me in my rehabilitation and I am very thankful.
Thanks to these sessions I have seen real improvement in my knee and no longer walk with caution. The pain is gone and I still return to the exercises and diagrams to help maintain strength in my knees.
I have a better understanding of how my alignment should be and my natural tendency to do certain movement incorrectly. Through my physio sessions I am confident that I will be able to continue moving without pain and I have also started Pilates classes to help prevent me slipping into bad habits!

My name is Gary Henderson, I am 52 years of age and I work in the Agriculture sector as a salesman. I have suffered from a sore right knee for a few years, cause by twisting it whilst running over rough ground. I felt that time and some rest would sort it but unfortunately it didn’t. Gradually my knee became less flexible and I would struggle to push off with my right leg when walking up steep ground or pathways and running or jogging was totally out of the question. I would also suffer from a sharp pain through my knee if I turned quickly or caught my foot on the leg of a chair or something similar.
I went to my GP and he gave me a course pain killers and anti-inflammatories, but I didn’t really notice any improvement. My wife insisted I try something different because she had notice that I was starting to walk with a limp.
Around that time my Father had been receiving Physio for a bad back and recommended that I should book an appointment with Colin at Causeway Physio because Colin had been able to ease his pain.
I have found Colin very helpful and reassuring, explaining how the rehabilitation exercises he would give me, firstly to improve the flexibility of the knee, secondly strengthened the various muscles around knee and thirdly how control the sharp pain that would occasionally go through my knee. If I had a problem with an exercise he would give me an alternative to achieve the same thing
From my experience I would thoroughly recommend Causeway Physio

I have always been quite active, enjoying long walks and regular exercise classes. Over the last six months I have been suffering from a hip problem, with my normal activities causing me a lot of pain.
I had originally tried a different physio and after 3 exercises I felt that I wasn’t really making progress so I decided on the recommendation of a friend to go to Causeway Physio & Pilates.
At my first appointment I chatted over my history and went through a range of different movements and exercises, also looking at the types of exercises I was doing at my classes. From these observations we found that I had been “cheating” at some of these exercises to protect my hip, and that I was actually doing exercises that aggravating my hip.
After 5 sessions, including a mix of both stretching and strengthening exercises, dry needle treatment and treatment to my back and pelvis I have now returned to walking relatively pain free and continuing to improve.
Roll on the next 30km Causeway Challenge walk, which I hope to be part of. Thank you Causeway Physio & Pilates

I like to consider myself a fairly active man with a full time job with a lot of travel, a son aged 3 and an almost unhealthy addiction to the sport of triathlon. However, I am rapidly approaching 40 and, after setting myself the goal of becoming an Ironman in 2017, I knew that I would be putting my body through high volumes of training stress and I would need some help to make sure I didn’t cause myself any lasting damage. I had suffered from pretty severe calf cramps and muscle tension in the past which impaired my ability to train and had the tendency to appear during races reducing me to a slow walk!
A friend recommended Colin at Causeway Physio, and from my very first consultation, I knew I was in safe hands. Not only was Colin extremely knowledgeable and had genuine interest in making sure I was taken care of, but looked beyond the consultation by providing some guidance via exercises and stretches to complete at home. The recommended treatment was some dry needle work to alleviate the tension in the muscles, which was fantastic, despite some nervousness at the start. We then agreed some structure both with regular consultation and stretches to help maintain a balance between health and training.
Unlike many other competitors, I had no issues whatsoever in my training in 2017 and had one of my best ever race seasons since taking up the sport. I put this largely down to the team at Causeway Physio, so much so, that i have signed up for another Ironman in 2018, and Causeway Physio was one of the first people I told.
I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Causeway Physio and look forward to another problem free race season in 2018.
Simon Daly

I am a self employed digital marketer who works an average 50 hour work week.
For about three years I had been experiencing excruciating headaches and migraines most days, which made it hard for me to focus on everyday tasks.
The only advice that I was given from countless visits to the GP was to avoid potential triggers, such as cheese, chocolate, take some time off etc. This also resulted in trying multiple forms of medication as well as scans and being referred to neurologists and orthopaedic surgeons.
I was really stuck in a rut. I couldn’t do anything without inducing a headache which was massively impacting on my work. At the same time I also suffered from a stiff neck.
I reached out to specific doctor in the surgery who referred me to Causeway Physio for treatment which could potentially manage the migraines.
Having completed a course of physio focusing on the neck and upper back combined with some dry needling the headaches have eased considerably.
I felt a difference from the first treatment and found after each of the follow up treatments my headaches have been getting better… I still get the odd one, but now I can carry on living a better lifestyle without ongoing pain.
With the treatment I received at Causeway Physio, it has enabled me to return to everyday activity. I would happily recommend Causeway Physio to anyone.

Geoffrey Moffett

Alan, 38
I’m a 38 year old engineer from Coleraine, I work down in Belfast so I have a right bit of driving to do every week. Having two young kids I’m pretty busy when I get home. I started to really struggle with lower back pain in August 2017. I love being active and was trying to keep running in the gym but my back just became too sore and I had to stop everything at the gym. Eventually my back pain was there all the time and I felt as stiff as a board. Turning in bed and trying to get out of bed was a trial every day, sitting at work just became agony until I was completely fed up.
I went to my GP who gave me painkillers and recommended an x-ray of my spine. The painkillers didn’t really help and after waiting three weeks I was handed an x-ray report by the GP’s receptionist that said I have osteoarthritis of the L5 vertebrae of and I should go to the arthritis UK website. I was gutted to be told at the age of 38 I have arthritis in my spine and I was concerned about how this was would affect my life.
A friend recommended Causeway Physio & Pilates. The first session was brilliant – Colin assessed my spine and hips and I was told that the things they saw on the x-ray wasn’t where my pain was coming from! My pain was just a normal muscular back ache related to the amount of driving and sitting I was doing at work. To hear that it wasn’t to do with arthritis was brilliant. Even better Colin worked on my back to loosen some of the tight sore joints and muscles and within a few days I was noticing a big change.
Colin gave me exercises to do which I noticed improving every week. Each treatment session helped loosen me up more and more and after 3 weeks I was back in the gym and after 6 weeks back running again!
I thought I was going to have to live with my pain – having been told by my GP that I had arthritis – but I can’t believe how quickly the treatment at Causeway Physio & Pilates got me back to everything I love to do and I’m now completely back pain free!
I would definitely recommend going to Causeway Physio & Pilates – all the staff and physios are great and really look after you. I would say if you have been told by your GP that you have arthritis and its something you have to live with then I would definitely get in touch with Causeway Physio – I’m pain free now and I thought I had to just get on with living with pain!
Thanks Causeway Physio & Pilates!

I work full time in Belfast and so I spend most of my day either at at a desk or in the car.
However, it was a severe long lasting headache that prompted or caused my problems, so after taking far too many painkillers I eventually saw my GP who believed that my headaches were a result of neck/back problems as a result of stress.
He recommended Causeway Physio and so that is where I went.
Colin diagnosed a cervicogenic headache and began an appropriate treatment plan. Physiotherapy alone was not resolving the situation and so I undertook a series of “dry needling” appointments which after a few sessions ,my headache and all associated neck pain reduced significantly
My treatment plan was extremely effective and I have had no re-occurrence of any pain or headache due the original source of my problem.
I honestly cannot recommend Causeway Physio highly enough, they were all very friendly, very professional, very punctual and obliging regarding appointment times etc

I had a really sore back for a very long time. I had sciatica from my hip right down to my toes and I was suffering constant pain.
I came to causeway physio and on my first visit the staff were very helpful and friendly . I received some treatment and was shown exercises to do at home. All my exercises were sent via email after my visit. This was great as the emails showed exactly how to do the exercises in case I would forget! Which is very easy as there is a lot of new information to take in! After my third visit I was feeling a lot better and on my fifth visit I was pain free!
I did follow the advice of the physios and did what I was told and I have learnt how to look after my back and look out for number one.
Thanks to Causeway Physio x

As a dentist, I have suffered from a sore back, neck and shoulder for years. I accepted this as an occupational hazard- every day is spent leaning over patients and trying to see into deep dark recesses! A few years ago this became unbearable- constant chronic pain was affecting other aspects of my life. I found myself short of patience with those close to me- my three small children especially were bearing the brunt of it.
I never attended the doctor as I knew what was causing the problem, I just didn’t know how to fix it! I contacted Causeway Physio and started on a course of physio with Hazel. Hazel worked along the bones and muscles of my back, mobilising areas that had become immobile and stiff after years of poor posture. She used pressure from both her hands and her feet to do this – having explained fully about using feet and obtaining my consent. She also sent me home with a list of exercises, this was invaluable at maintaining mobility. I cannot recommend Hazel highly enough, she is so good at her job.
Since finishing the course of physio my back pain is greatly improved- and now I know how to avoid it becoming severe if/when it starts. I also attend a pilates class once a week which helps support mobility- I couldn’t have imagined being able to do this before my treatment at Causeway Physio.
Janet Markey

As a full time hairdresser/beauty therapist I was constantly on my feet and I always felt I was getting into awkward postures and positions for long periods. This lead to strain and discomfort on my lower back which then became crippling.
I had symptoms such as lower back pain, sharp pain in my lower back when I tried to straighten as well as pain down my leg and pin’s & needles. This left me feeling awful, I couldn’t see myself getting better. I couldn’t sleep as no matter how I went to lie down, the sharp pain was always there. I needed the help of crutches to get around. I went to my GP where I was prescribed tablets to help with the pain and sleep. Then the GP informed me I wasn’t allowed to work and I ended up off work for 2 months. This wasn’t easy for me as I’am a person who likes to be busy and always on the go.
So then I got introduced to Colin and his team at Causeway Physio through a family friend and straight away I felt at ease. On my first visit which was an ordeal getting out of the car I received a consultation. Colin assessed me with care and explained to me that there would be no quick fix for this problem and put a plan together for me that would suit me best.

After many years of suffering from back problems and sciatica I finally made the decision to seek professional help.
After attending Causeway Physio I began to feel much better. Colin has worked wonders for me with a combination of the treatment which gave me great relief and the exercises that I progressed at home. Having attended Causeway Physio & Pilates I feel stronger and the physical lifting I do at work doesn’t trouble me anymore. I would recommend Causeway Physio & Pilates to anyone.

James Kelly

I went to see Colin after an old injury to my wrist started giving me a lot of pain. I went for a couple of weeks in a row to start with and then I was able to go for 3 weeks and then longer. I couldn’t be happier with the result and have very little pain now. Certainly recommend Colin.

Hilary Thompson

I had a couple of treatments with Catherine for a very sore back. I followed her exercises she recommended and I’m back out running again. (2 laps of the mount today). Many thanks Aaron. More Patient Reviews….

“I’m back out running again”
In a 40 hr week this is one the best hours you’ll spend! Insightful, targeted, productive, comprehensive treatment. Michael Rogers

“Insightful, targeted, productive, comprehensive treatment.”
Went to see Colin after a recommendation from a friend for treatment to ease Rheumatoid Arthritis. Fantastic treatment which eased my pain immensely. Laura

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Excellent service from the minute you walk through the door, friendly receptionist and pleasant environment. Colin has excellent clinical skills and as a health care professional myself I had great confidence in him. I would highly recommend him to others. Cathryn Harkness

Shoulder injury
After many years of suffering from back problems I finally made the decision to seek professional help. After attending Causeway Physio I began to feel much better. Colin has worked wonders for me with the exercises that I can do at home and attending Causeway Physio I feel much better. I would recommend Causeway Physio and Colin. James Kelly

Back Problems
In a 40 hr week this is one the best 1/2 hours you’ll spend!.Insightful, targeted, productive , comprehensive treatment. Michael Rogers

HiAttended Colin with severe foot pain & he was able to diagnose my condition straight away. Colin was very thorough & provided clear guidance on resolving my pain. I also received an email after my appointment with the exercises we discussed which I found very helpful.Can’t recommend Causeway Physio highly enough…Kyle Leckey

Excellent Service
Attended Causeway Physio after damaging a disc in lower back. So impressed with Colin’s knowledge, treatment and advice. Over a number of weeks, not only did his treatment resolve my back pain, but he identified and treated the source of longstanding hip pain which an NHS referral had incorrectly labelled bursitis many years ago. Would recommend Causeway Physio to everyone!


I went to see Colin after an old injury to my wrist started giving me a lot of pain. I went for a couple of weeks in a row to start with and then I was able to go for 3 weeks and then longer. I couldn’t be happier with the result and have very little pain now. Certainly recommend Colin.

Hilary Thompson

I’ve been to Causeway Physio with a range of musculo-skeletal problems over the recent years. For the first three of problems, I had poor experiences trying to get them sorted using the health service… failure to diagnose the first problem, correct diagnosis of the second, but no appropriate treatment and an obviously incorrect diagnosis on the third problem. Now I go straight to Causeway Physio with any musculo-skeletal issues.
I’ve been assessed by both Colin and Catherine at Causeway Physio, and each time the problem has been correctly diagnosed and and a treatment plan put in place that worked. I have no hesitation in giving Causeway Physio a 5 star rating.

I’ve been to Causeway Physio with a range of musculo-skeletal problems over the recent years. For the first three of problems, I had poor experiences trying to get them sorted using the health service… failure to diagnose the first problem, correct diagnosis of the second, but no appropriate treatment and an obviously incorrect diagnosis on the third problem. Now I go straight to Causeway Physio with any musculo-skeletal issues.
I’ve been assessed by both Colin and Laura at Causeway Physio, and each time the problem has been correctly diagnosed and and a treatment plan put in place that worked. I have no hesitation in giving Causeway Physio a 5 star rating.

"I have found that my left shoulder pain has reduced, I have better balance and better posture in everyday life. I found by starting at the basics I can understand and have been more aware of what I am actually meant to be doing. I will and have recommended Causeway Pilates to others."

Nikki Crowe
"I find this class very good. I was in a previous Pilates class where I didn’t know if I was doing movement properly and the teacher didn’t get round to check on everyone. There is a Friendly atmosphere and I can ask Joanne questions without feeling foolish! I will and have recommended Causeway Pilates to others."

Arvril Whiskers
"I started Pilates to lose weight, tone and relax. I have really enjoyed Pilates as it is relaxing. Jo is a great instructor, friendly and good fun. I have noticed a difference as I feel more toned and not as stressed. Thank you Jo, I will be signing up for the next set of sessions."

Jaice Cassidy
"Having been to a large group exercise classes before, I was a bit nervous at maybe getting ‘lost’ is the group and then left to figure the moves for myself. But Jo’s classes are perfect, they are just the right size and Jo is able to still give individual attention when needed so that we don’t go wrong. I love this class. Even after just a few weeks I can feel a difference in my body, and my posture has improved too."

Diane Rogers
"What can I say?…. Causeway Pilates is simply fabulous!!!
I have been through a considerable amount of stress & anxiety this year, and someone suggested Pilates as a way to do some endorphin-boosting exercise which didn’t involve throwing myself around a gym (which I felt way too delicate to face!). Jo has been so kind & encouraging, whilst also helping us to each find our individual levels of challenge & to push ourselves further each session."

Emma Stewart
"I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates with Jo. She is such a knowledgeable, patient and fun teacher. I suffer from weakness in my neck and shoulder…this is exactly the right exercise for me to strengthen and balance my body. I can’t thank Jo enough!! Really enjoyed the atmosphere too…lovely people in every class. 10 stars!!"

Tara Hoy (Facebook)
I have not attended an exercise class for a number of years and I feel that this class of Jo’s is so refreshing. Jo has a fantastic approach to teaching and supports you brilliantly as you go along. Jo has boundless energy and is always at hand to offer advice and guidance. There is so much to offer at Causeway Pilates classes that there is no need to go elsewhere!!

The class is very friendly and welcoming. The instructions are (mostly) easy to follow and I feel that it is no problem to ask if I haven’t understood. I appreciated that there is a lot of emphasis on doing the exercise correctly. I feel that my posture is improving and I have a bigger repertoire of exercises to do at home and it helps to do my physio exercises correctly. I feel stronger but in a gentle way, which is exactly what I want. I would definitely recommend Causeway Pilates to other people.

"With my job I have long term back and neck pain / tightness. After a course of physio- I started Causeway Pilates – I have found great improvement in my back and neck. The stretching has given me great relief and as a added bonus I am also becoming more toned! Jo Is a fantastic instructor – very detailed about positions – to give the maximum benefit, but all done in a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. I would recommend Causeway Pilates classes to everyone!"

I enjoy this Pilates class so much. I find it has improved my strength, fitness level and reduced my back pain. I protected myself in how I moved as I was afraid of the pain, so I have now also noticed my posture has improved too. The environment is also very enjoyable. A very relaxed atmosphere, I came to the class alone and not even on the first day did I feel uncomfortable. I have and will continue to recommend Causeway Pilates to others.

Just doing a bit of practice at home. Thoroughly enjoying and I can’t recommend Causeway Pilates enough. Jo is so patient and attentive. Great for all ages! I go to the over 55 classes and we are all encouraged to work at our own pace. We get so much more out of the exercises because of this. As well as the workout we have so much fun. It’s wonderful what tips you get when a few ladies get together. Well done Jo.

Just finished my first block of pilates! It was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed these classes. Joanne is brilliant and I worked muscles I never even knew I had. Highly recommend More Pilates Reviews….

Kirsty Nicholl (Facebook)
I’m on my third block of Pilates and can thoroughly recommend Jo as a teacher. The combination of her knowledge, clear instruction and caring attentive manner keeps me coming back for more! It has given me more energy, feel more supple and is a natural mood enhancer, I always leave in a good mood!! More Pilates Reviews….

Sarah Conn (Facebook)
I have really enjoyed my classes at Causeway Pilates. Jo has been really friendly and encouraging and her demonstration of exercises makes things much easier to follow. It’s been a couple of years since I have taken any classes so I have a long way to go but never feel pressured to push beyond my own capabilities. I already feel the benefit after only 4 classes in terms of flexibility and strengthening areas of personal weakness. Thanks Jo, keep up the good work!

Last August was awful for me. My back went into spasm just as I was going on holiday and I ended up in a Spanish hospital on extremely strong medication. When I came home, I went to see Colin at Causeway Physio who put me on a recovery programme. When I felt I could move freely, I started Pilates with Joanne, I no longer have back issues and the pain killers have been binned! Thank you to you both!

I’ve been struggling badly with muscle spasms which left me unable to get through a day let alone exercise without being in severe pain. When hospitals and medication failed, seeing the physio and Jo for Pilates changed my life. Having done Pilates for years and knowing how great the benefits could be I was super excited to get back into it again to help my recent back pain.

The difference between Jo’s class and all others is… her!! The time she takes to explain, the care she takes in correcting positions and postures and the patience she has for each person is second to none. Each person in the class are all on their own journey and Jo helps them all work at the right level for them. Meaning you get the best out of your session.

It’s really evident Jo loves what she does and is eager to share her passion with everyone around her.

There’s also a fabulous relaxed caring atmosphere in the studio and the physio clinic is unlike any I’ve encountered before…it’s great to be a part of it!!

Can definitely recommend to anyone thinking of giving it a try… it won’t disappoint

Really enjoying Pilates with Jo at Causeway Pilates. Great for toning and strengthening muscles! And all my twinges in my back have gone, yay!! Thanks Jo More Pilates Reviews….

Alison Johnston (Facebook)
Cardio is not really an exercise option for me but Pilates at Causeway Pilates is fantastic! Jo and Laura are SO attentive, classes sizes are small and you really do get a full body workout. The instructors really are sensitive to individual needs and every exercise can be tailored to suit you. I honestly couldn’t praise Causeway Pilates and its staff highly enough, and would encourage anyone to give it a go. You will not regret it!

Brenda Semple
I came to Causeway Pilates after a few session on physio and I was recommended it would be a good way to continue to improve my score strength an flexibility after a bad sciatica injury…I’ve gone from climbing the stairs on all fours, back to running, swimming and cycling which for me is a huge enjoyment! Jo is an eagle-eyed encourager! She sees all!! But has a fantastic ability to push you enough to feel challenged but never at a risk of injury! And she’s put up with my heckling! Legend! Thanks loads, I’ve already recommended and will continue to.

Susan Brown (FACEBOOK)
Enjoying Pilates as I believe it is helping me in different ways. It makes me more aware of my body, how I walk, sit etc and hope as the Dr recommended it will help strengthen my core! I like the way it is a small group as I need to be sure I’m doing things right and Jo is great, on hand. I’m not sure I’m always breathing right but hopefully in time that will improve. It’s hard work but enjoyable, after my morning class, I could sleep in the afternoon!

Pilates has been great for me to re-establish exercise into my week. I have gained muscle control since having two children. The hour class is very relaxing and time to focus only on the movements. Everything else melts away. I sleep great after Pilates. I am more aware of doing controlled exercise now and with greater benefits. I have recommended to a friend and they have signed up too.

I am so glad I followed the ‘what the heck’ moment and went to the Pilates class at Causeway Pilates. I have found classes so beneficial in both body and spirit. Body is more flexible and toned and you know it has improved your posture. Joanne is an excellent teacher and explains everything so you understand fully what she is asking. The ‘fun’ moments with the other ladies is hilarious and I my opinion is of benefit to your mental health. I will be back.

Since joining Causeway Pilates, I have noticed a huge change in my posture, my flexibility and I have an increased awareness on how I stand, sit and sleep. …and this is actually my first time doing Pilates! Being a larger lady the class allows me to explore other ways of becoming a more healthy person. I combine this class with two gym classes during the week which I predominately lift weights, It creates a relaxed environment and promotes an easier way of stretching out muscles I didn’t even know I had! I whole heartedly recommend Causeway Pilates to anyone. The teacher takes her time to explain how and why and I intend to continue with the program into the unforeseeable future.

I find Pilates with Jo has made me think more about my posture even sitting in the car. I would have problems with my lower back and right arm and I feel Pilates has really helped with the pain. There is a really friendly atmosphere at Causeway Pilates and you always feel welcome. I would highly recommend Causeway Pilates, it was my first time trying Pilates and even though I maybe wasn’t doing the things the way Jo was, she is encouraging and I didn’t feel embarrassed one little bit!


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