What’s Causing My Headache?

Oct 13, 2018

Headaches can come on for numerous reasons.  Stress, fatigue, posture, alcohol, dehydration, certain foods high in nitrates, caffeine, infections, prolonged time in front of a screen and high blood pressure are all common factors which contribute to headaches. 

BUT another REALLY  COMMON factor and often MASSIVELY under-diagnosed is to do with a problem in the upper neck which leads to sensitised nerves which fuel your headache or migraine.

The exact area of nerves is called the ‘Trigemino-cervical nucleus’ and it’s found in the brainstem. This bundle of nerves is directly attached to the top 3 nerves of your neck. It’s through annoyance of these 3 nerves that the ‘Trigemino-cervical nucleus’ can become sensitised.


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To find out more about how this comes around, who might have this issue and what can be done about it then check out our Relieve Headache & Migraine’ guide to find out more. We explain how this one single condition can lead to a range of different types of headache and migraine. Menstrual migraine, post whiplash headache & migraine, chronic headache or migraine and tension headache can all source themselves to sensitised nerves.  It’s NOT just about STRESS! is an important read for anyone who blames their migraines or headaches on stress

Headache and migraine can come from the neck EVEN though you don’t feel any neck pain. It could be as a result of an old whiplash injury, or as simple as falling asleep while you were sat in a chair and waking with a “crick neck”. You may not have had any injury at all. Sometimes nerve sensitisation can come from prolonged tension in the neck i.e. if you spend a long time driving or in front of a computer screen, or any prolonged position. These changes can take hold gradually causing a low level underlying annoyance at the upper neck which isn’t enough to cause pain but can be enough to sensitize these pesky nerves that can then cause migraine or headache;

Does your migraine alternate between sides? Get our guide to find out more about unilateral alternating headache and why this is coming from your neck.

Specific headache and migraine Physiotherapy can help! 

Make sure you choose a physio who is specifically trained to work with headaches and migraines as these problems can have very specific issues.

We have treated 100’s of patients who had to rely on strong medication until they came to our clinc. With some simple interventions, performed in a logical order and backed up with some quality rehab they are now completely migraine and headache free. 

There can be a wide range of causes of headache but if YOURS are coming from a common problem in your neck then you could join others and find get a significant reduction in the number of headaches or migraines you have this year.

Check out Allison’s story   having had years of blaming stress for her headache and migraine she finally received specific treatment to resolve and prevent her tension headaches and migraines. Allison doesn’t have to worry about missing work due to migraines now and she doesn’t need to take any medications. 

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