Stacey Wilmot – Coleraine

Aug 19, 2018

I’ve been struggling badly with muscle spasms which left me unable to get through a day let alone exercise without being in severe pain. When hospitals and medication failed, seeing the physio and Jo for Pilates changed my life. Having done Pilates for years and knowing how great the benefits could be I was super excited to get back into it again to help my recent back pain.

The difference between Jo’s class and all others is… her!! The time she takes to explain, the care she takes in correcting positions and postures and the patience she has for each person is second to none. Each person in the class are all on their own journey and Jo helps them all work at the right level for them. Meaning you get the best out of your session.

It’s really evident Jo loves what she does and is eager to share her passion with everyone around her.

There’s also a fabulous relaxed caring atmosphere in the studio and the physio clinic is unlike any I’ve encountered before…it’s great to be a part of it!!

Can definitely recommend to anyone thinking of giving it a try… it won’t disappoint

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