Patricia Morrison – I returned to my former mobility

Feb 7, 2019

I fell backwards onto my shoulder and it was very painful. I had difficulty moving my shoulder and doing normal day to day activities. I was of the opinion that ‘it would be better in the morning’ so was in no rush to seek professional help. Painkillers made no difference to the level of pain.

My son recommended Causeway Physio.  I found the physios to be very helpful and genuinely wanting to help my day to day difficulties. I received ‘hands on’ physio which helped and was shown rehabilitation exercises, carefully explained and demonstrated, together with a follow up e-mail to remind me of what had been done. The exercises were built up over time and progressed in difficulty as I improved. Advice was given of how to minimize the return of extreme pain and make my shoulder as strong as possible as I age.

I wish that I had gone sooner to Causeway Physio. I feel so much better with a return to my former mobility. I would recommend going if you have an injury. Still doing my exercises. Very very important!

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