Migraine – aren’t they caused by stress?

Oct 13, 2018

Too many people are being led to believe that their headache or migraine is caused by stress or in relation to anxiety or depression

People who are worst affected by headache and migraine are most often at risk of being given this label. We have had clients come to us having had 2-3 migraines per week for over 10 years. As you can imagine these people are distressed, often depressed and their quality of life is extremely poor as their lives are literally crippled with migraine.

Unfortunately it’s common that clients with these ongoing symptoms for years are led to believe that the migraines are a symptom related to their depression and anxiety. What a horrible place to be. Crippled with migraine, being told it’s related to your mental state YET it’s the disability from the migraines which is causing the depression and anxiety.

And so the vicious cycle continues and stress, depression continues to be blamed as the source of migraine.

We DON’T presume that your stress or low mood is causing your headache and migraine. Chronic migraine suffers have been found to have a “sensitised Trigemino-cervical nucleus”. This is often the underlying condition which is CAUSING the person to suffer ongoing migraines.

To find out more about what the “sensitised Trigemino-cervical nucleus” is and how our Headache Physios can find out if you have this then check out our Relieve Migraine & Headache Guide


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If the nerves of the top of the neck are “sensitised” our physios have been trained to thoroughly assess this area and find out if this condition is present and if it could be the root cause of your migraines.

Make sure you flick through the guide to Geoffery’s testimonial. Geoffrey had years of headache and migraines that were stopping him from working and leading him to have brain scans, MRI’s and consultation after consultation with different health professionals.

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