Heather – Shoulder Pain Conquered!

Aug 26, 2018

I was struggling with neck and shoulder pain that just seemed to slowly deteriorate over a few months. I eventually had to stop playing tennis and was struggling with golf. Even brushing my hair became painful.  I was starting to resign myself to the fact that this may be something I was just going to have to live with.

I was trying to stretch my shoulder to help it but that wasn’t getting anywhere. Having been to Causeway Physio & Pilates for a different issue I booked in again for my shoulder. I felt the approach with my shoulder was so positive. I was really protecting my shoulder and didn’t know what to do with it. Colin re-assured me that after a while my shoulders would be stronger than ever – and he was right!

The exercises I was taught gave me the confidence to move and now my shoulders are stronger than they’ve been in a very long time! I’m 3 months on and now free of neck and shoulder pain and playing better tennis and golf than ever.

I’m Delighted with my progress!

Heather Burns


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