Gary Henderson – Knee Pain

Jul 13, 2018

My name is Gary Henderson, I am 52 years of age and I work in the Agriculture sector as a salesman. I have suffered from a sore right knee for a few years, cause by twisting it whilst running over rough ground. I felt that time and some rest would sort it but unfortunately it didn’t. Gradually my knee became less flexible and I would struggle to push off with my right leg when walking up steep ground or pathways and running or jogging was totally out of the question. I would also suffer from a sharp pain through my knee if I turned quickly or caught my foot on the leg of a chair or something similar.

I went to my GP and he gave me a course pain killers and anti-inflammatories, but I didn’t really notice any improvement. My wife insisted I try something different because she had notice that I was starting to walk with a limp.

Around that time my Father had been receiving Physio for a bad back and recommended that I should book an appointment with Colin at Causeway Physio because Colin had been able to ease his pain.

I have found Colin very helpful and reassuring, explaining how the rehabilitation exercises he would give me, firstly to improve the flexibility of the knee, secondly strengthened the various muscles around knee and thirdly how control the sharp pain that would occasionally go through my knee. If I had a problem with an exercise he would give me an alternative to achieve the same thing

From my experience I would thoroughly recommend Causeway Physio

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