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This session is perfect for people who are UNSURE if physio is the right choice for them.

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Not sure if Pilates is right for you?

You’re not alone!! Lots of people don’t understand what Pilates is or whether it is something you would enjoy. If you have no idea what pilates is or have doubts if you’d enjoy it or benefit from it then a TASTER Class is the perfect way to give Pilates a go without having the pressure to pay or committing to a block.

We run regular Taster classes and have a very high rate of people who try it and end up catching the pilates bug!

Tasters are designed to let you try a range of exercises (basic and if appropriate more challenging).

Get a feel of a class and to give you the basic understanding of how pilates works.

Learn how Pilates exercises can be modified to suit all abilities.

You will have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

I’ve done Pilates before – can I come to a Taster? Yes of course! If you would like to get a feel for our classes then we’d love you to come and try.

I’m really concerned about going to a class – no problem! We offer 1-1 pilates sessions which can help you build confidence and prepare you for a class in future.

Please note: Taster Classes are different from our regular classes. Not suitable for those with major injuries (please see 1-1 option below). We have a lot more information about Pilates available.