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Back Pain Relief

Let’s get you feeling better! Treating back pain is our bread and butter. Our Chartered Physios can give immediate pain relief through ‘hands on’ spinal treatments, muscle release techniques, therapeutic exercise or dry needling. Get relief and reassurance and clarity on how to get better – book today.

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Early advice and treatment is the most effective way to speed your recovery. If you need help fast then call now on 028 703 59592 or use our Online Booking to secure your appointment anytime!

If you aren’t sure if physio is right for you then why not request a Free 10min Telephone Consultation or Taster Physio session to discuss your problem with one of our physios.

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What’s In The Guide?

  • logo-on-scrollThe Key Thing Your GP Doesn’t Get Time To Explain, Which Can Change Your Life.
  • logo-on-scroll3 Simple Tweaks You Can do today That Can Start Getting You Moving Again.
  • logo-on-scrollThe Reason Most People Suffer Pain For Years, Unnecessarily, And How You Can Avoid The Same Thing!
  • logo-on-scrollLifechanging Stories From People Who Avoided Back Surgery! We’ll Send You Our Unique 5 Step Process That Saved Lynne From Spinal Surgery - We Can Help You Too!
  • logo-on-scrollThe ONE Thing That You Must Do To Maintain a Healthy Back For Life.
  • logo-on-scrollHow to Restore Your Sleep – Wake Up Feeling Refreshed WITHOUT restricting back stiffness
  • logo-on-scroll5 Things You Must Understand To Live Life Without The Worry of Pain
  • logo-on-scroll10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Physio. For example: My Doctor says I have arthritis in my spine – can physio help? What does physio involve?

Common Back Problems

Find out about the common types of back and sciatica pain we see…


Acute back spasm

Did you feel a sharp sudden shot of pain in your back? Did this drop you to your knees or make your legs go weak? This pain can be quite scary and it’s so important to understand what’s happening. Did you have the “odd” twinge or tightness in the back for a while and then suddenly out of the blue – BANG – severe spasm? You need to understand what spasm is and what you can do to stop it ever coming back – find out in our Relieve Back Pain & Sciatica Guide! If you’ve noticed your episodes of spasm happening more and more frequently and then starting to take longer to settle then you need stop wishing and waiting for it to fix itself. Request a FREE 10min Phone Consultation to chat this over with one of our experts and find out how to stop this being a part of your life.

Persistent Everyday Pain!

Day in day out stiff, aching sore back. It’s ok to have a niggle now and again but it’s NOT NORMAL to live for months or even years with this type of ongoing back pain. If you find your back pain is affecting your day to day life and it’s taking the enjoyment out of life then we need to see you! This is a common complaint and often people are suffering unnecessarily! We often hear clients tell us how they started with an everyday back pain but then it eventually developed into Acute Spasm. This is a VERY common pattern and you are not beyond help – even if you tried physios or chiropractors elsewhere and failed. Our unique system – 5 Steps To A Healthy Back has helped hundreds of people take control of back pain they’ve had for years. Laverne is a perfect example of someone who was taking ongoing painkillers and fed up with everyday back pain – watch her story to find out how she got back to jogging and loving activity again without the dragging back ache or regular painkillers. To find out more about our 5 Steps To A Healthy Back program request our Relieve Back Pain & Sciatica Guide and we’ll send you the info.

True Sciatica and disc injuries

Sciatic pain and disc injuries can cause pain anywhere from the lower back, right down to the toes! Some forms of sciatic type pain can be completely unrelated to the disc injuries so it’s important to find out what’s causing your leg pain. It may be due to straight forward issues such as muscles rubbing and annoying your nerve. Lynne had sciatica from a disc protrusion and after failed spinal injections she was put on the waiting list for spinal surgery. Check out our Relieve Back Pain and Sciatica Guide to see how our 5 Steps To A Healthy Back system helped Lynne AVOID risky surgery. More importantly she’s come from being housebound by pain to now feeling stronger and more flexible than she has felt in years. If you would like to speak with a back pain expert about how we can help you then request FREE Taster face to face session to find out how you can get your life back – in the same way Lynne did.

Pain in the Bum - And Beyond!

Are you struggling with a pain in the buttock or down the leg? Do you get pain when walking or when you get up from a chair? Do you find driving causing pain down the buttock or back of the thigh? Countless clients come to us having tried sports massages on the sore area or stretching it out with no long term success. Many have tried physio before and no ease. We work differently – the key to RESOLVING your pain in the bum comes from finding the root cause of the problem. Don’t treat the symptom – get to the source! To find out what we do differently why not speak to a physio to find out how we can help. Good news with this issue – even though you may have had this for months you can FULLY resolve this with the right approach! Call the clinic to book on 028 703 59592 OR get our Relieve Back Pain and Sciatica Guide to find out more about our 5 Steps To A Healthy Back – the same system we use to ease your pain and stop it from coming back!

Free Physio Taster

Discover if Physio is right for you. This session is perfect for those who really aren’t sure if Physio is the right thing for them or if WE are the right Physio to help them. 20 Minutes FREE face to face time with our physios. Limited availability and offered on first come first served basis.*
*No treatment is given during Free Physio Tasters. This session is not the same as paid initial assessment but a chance to meet our expert team and find out if we can help you, how we can help you and you can discuss any queries you may have.

Free Pilates Taster

New to Pilates? Come along and meet our Body Control Pilates & APPI trained instructors. Enjoy a taster session to discover what Level of Pilates is appropriate for you (we tailor our classes to different abilities). Start your Pilates journey and enjoy the challenge of learning body control, breathing techniques, strengthening and toning exercises that can help with lifelong change in how you feel!

Patient Videos

Laverne Tweed

Coleraine – Years of Back Pain

I suffered back pain for years and was regularly having to take painkillers prescribed by my GP. I’ve used lots of different physios in the past but this time at Causeway Physio & Pilates you helped ease my pain & taught me how to self manage. This time I feel like I’m in control.

Rosaleen McConaghy

Coleraine – Back pain & Sciatica

I was in severe pain with my legs, back and shoulders for 7 months. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the doctors. After going to Causeway Physio & Pilates I felt elevated. I feel so positive, I’m more active, I’m not afraid to move anymore and I’m sleeping a lot better, so it’s perfect!

Claudia Pohl

Portstewart – Scoliosis

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 13 but after having my daughter my upper back was persistently painful. I found that treatment really helped with pain, it felt so easy and much stronger afterwards. Pilates has been very helpful for my upper back posture too!

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What Our Customers Say


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"I have found that my left shoulder pain has reduced, I have better balance and better posture in everyday life. I found by starting at the basics I can understand and have been more aware of what I am actually meant to be doing. I will and have recommended Causeway Pilates to others."

10/10 rating from Nikki Crowe

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"I find this class very good. I was in a previous Pilates class where I didn’t know if I was doing movement properly and the teacher didn’t get round to check on everyone. There is a Friendly atmosphere and I can ask Joanne questions without feeling foolish! I will and have recommended Causeway Pilates to others."

10/10 rating from Arvril Whiskers

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"I started Pilates to lose weight, tone and relax. I have really enjoyed Pilates as it is relaxing. Jo is a great instructor, friendly and good fun. I have noticed a difference as I feel more toned and not as stressed. Thank you Jo, I will be signing up for the next set of sessions."

10/10 rating from Jaice Cassidy

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"Having been to a large group exercise classes before, I was a bit nervous at maybe getting ‘lost’ is the group and then left to figure the moves for myself. But Jo’s classes are perfect, they are just the right size and Jo is able to still give individual attention when needed so that we don’t go wrong. I love this class. Even after just a few weeks I can feel a difference in my body, and my posture has improved too."

10/10 rating from Diane Rogers

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"What can I say?…. Causeway Pilates is simply fabulous!!!
I have been through a considerable amount of stress & anxiety this year, and someone suggested Pilates as a way to do some endorphin-boosting exercise which didn’t involve throwing myself around a gym (which I felt way too delicate to face!). Jo has been so kind & encouraging, whilst also helping us to each find our individual levels of challenge & to push ourselves further each session."

10/10 rating from Emma Stewart

five-stars-icon-vector-illustration-five-stars-icon-142634727 (1)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates with Jo. She is such a knowledgeable, patient and fun teacher. I suffer from weakness in my neck and shoulder…this is exactly the right exercise for me to strengthen and balance my body. I can’t thank Jo enough!! Really enjoyed the atmosphere too…lovely people in every class. 10 stars!!"

10/10 rating from Tara Hoy

five-stars-icon-vector-illustration-five-stars-icon-142634727 (1)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates with Jo. She is such a knowledgeable, patient and fun teacher. I suffer from weakness in my neck and shoulder…this is exactly the right exercise for me to strengthen and balance my body. I can’t thank Jo enough!! Really enjoyed the atmosphere too…lovely people in every class. 10 stars!!"

10/10 rating from Annebell

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"I would highly recommend Causeway Pilates, it was my first time trying Pilates and even though I maybe wasn’t doing the things the way Jo was, she is encouraging and I didn’t feel embarrassed one little bit!"

10/10 rating from Julie Leighton