Anita – My Story

Jul 13, 2018

I am a teacher in Ballymena and like to be fairly active outside of work. Due to the nature of my work I spend most of the day on my feet. Years ago I tried running several times and always experienced painful knees afterwards, sometimes with some popping noises. I started going to the gym in school and one day following a gym session I had really intense pain in my right knee when coming down stairs (of which there are a lot in school). After several weeks of pain and taking regular painkillers I went to my GP and was sent for an X-ray and MRI scan which showed wear and inflammation under my kneecap. I didn’t know what I could do about this and was starting to limp more.

The pain continued and I stopped going to the gym or walking as a form of exercise which had a negative impact on my general wellbeing. Sometimes when I placed my foot down I experienced a sharp pain and a buckling sensation in my knee although thankfully I never fell.

I decided to be proactive and booked in to Causeway Physio who I heard about from a friend. I had six sessions over a period of 3 months with Colin and he was super. He took time to understand the specifics of my condition and gave me great advice on what to do as well as what not to do. As well as some treatments to release tight hip and knee muscles he gave me exercises to get my hip, knee and ankle all working well together! This took practice but has definitely helped. He was genuinely interested in helping me in my rehabilitation and I am very thankful.

Thanks to these sessions I have seen real improvement in my knee and no longer walk with caution. The pain is gone and I still return to the exercises and diagrams to help maintain strength in my knees.

I have a better understanding of how my alignment should be and my natural tendency to do certain movement incorrectly. Through my physio sessions I am confident that I will be able to continue moving without pain and I have also started Pilates classes to help prevent me slipping into bad habits!

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