Allison – Tension Headache and Migraine

Aug 26, 2018

Before coming to Causeway Physio & Pilates I would suffer with frequent headaches and occasional migraines. When I had a particularly bad headache painkillers really didn’t make any difference – and these headaches could last for a couple of days. With the migraines my vision was affected and I didn’t feel safe to drive or work.

I initially came into Causeway Physio & Pilates having hurt my lower back, but during our conversations I mentioned my migraines (which I didn’t think Physio could do anything for) and Colin suggested we have a look at my neck to see if there were any problems there. 

Colin spotted the issues straight away, and my headache problem lessened noticeably even after just one treatment.  My course of physio has really helped me in so many ways. As well as hands-on treatment, physio has provided me with a new awareness of the importance of posture and exercise in the care of my neck and back. It has virtually resolved the frequent headaches I was experiencing, and now I very rarely have a migraine.

I was concerned that because of the general everyday stresses of life and work that my neck tension and lower back problems would return. However, I have found Pilates at Causeway Physio to be great for both strengthening and stretching out my back, neck and shoulders – and a class always makes me feel relaxed and ready for a great nights sleep! This has really helped me manage my neck and back, and it really helps keeps the tension at bay.

Thanks Causeway Physio & Pilates!

Allison Wallace – Coleraine

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