Alan – Low Back Pain

May 10, 2018

Alan, 38

I’m a 38 year old engineer from Coleraine, I work down in Belfast so I have a right bit of driving to do every week. Having two young kids I’m pretty busy when I get home. I started to really struggle with lower back pain in August 2017. I love being active and was trying to keep running in the gym but my back just became too sore and I had to stop everything at the gym. Eventually my back pain was there all the time and I felt as stiff as a board. Turning in bed and trying to get out of bed was a trial every day, sitting at work just became agony until I was completely fed up.

I went to my GP who gave me painkillers and recommended an x-ray of my spine. The painkillers didn’t really help and after waiting three weeks I was handed an x-ray report by the GP’s receptionist that said I have osteoarthritis of the L5 vertebrae of and I should go to the arthritis UK website.  I was gutted to be told at the age of 38 I have arthritis in my spine and I was concerned about how this was would affect my life.

A friend recommended Causeway Physio & Pilates. The first session was brilliant – Colin assessed my spine and hips and I was told that the things they saw on the x-ray wasn’t where my pain was coming from! My pain was just a normal muscular back ache related to the amount of driving and sitting I was doing at work. To hear that it wasn’t to do with arthritis was brilliant. Even better Colin worked on my back to loosen some of the tight sore joints and muscles and within a few days I was noticing a big change.

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Colin gave me exercises to do which I noticed improving every week. Each treatment session helped loosen me up more and more and after 3 weeks I was back in the gym and after 6 weeks back running again!

I thought I was going to have to live with my pain – having been told by my GP that I had arthritis – but I can’t believe how quickly the treatment at Causeway Physio & Pilates got me back to everything I love to do and I’m now completely back pain free!

I would definitely recommend going to Causeway Physio & Pilates – all the staff and physios are great and really look after you. I would say if you have been told by your GP that you have arthritis and its something you have to live with then I would definitely get in touch with Causeway Physio – I’m pain free now and I thought I had to just get on with living with pain!

Thanks Causeway Physio & Pilates!

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